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degrassicontest's Journal

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Welcome to Degrassicontest! The icon challenge is exactly what the name says... Degrassi Icon Contest! There are three types of contests: lyric contests, image contests, and category contests! Each week, I will tell you which type the new contest is.

Icon Challenges // yelak
The rules are simple:
1) Text/animations are not mandatory.
2) You may only have one entry per contest.
3) The icon must meets LJ's size standards, 40KB / 100 x 100 px and under, and that it is either JPG, GIF, or PNG format.
4) Do not post your entry as a comment, or else it may not be counted (unless stated otherwise).
5) No promoting for other communities.

1) You do have to be a member to vote.
2) You may not vote for your own icon.
3) You must only vote once.
4) For each contest, you vote for a first place, a second place, and a third place winner. Winners will be notified once the voting is over.

username ; yelak
real name ; kaley
location ; kentucky
age ; fourteen
favorite degrassi character ; marco & spinner
favorite episode ; it's raining men
contacts ; AIM - greenxgnome EMAIL - theyelak@hotmail.com